I hired Tiffany Hicks Design to redo the living/ dining space in our loft condo and very much enjoyed working with her through the whole process. She is extremely patient, professional and just lovely to work with. She created a space that is open, bright, cheerful and very welcoming to be in. There were a few pieces of existing furniture that I wanted to keep and she worked them into the design beautifully. Tiffany is also very transparent concerning invoices. Her invoices are very detailed and I never had to question what a particular cost was because it was clearly spelled out. I highly recommend Tiffany to anyone who is seeking a designer.


We are very pleased with Tiffany Hicks Design. Tiffany helped up choose paint colors for our entire home, renovate a full bathroom and powder room and buy assorted furnishings. Her connections with the design industry were very helpful. Her advice on paint colors was excellent - the colors within each room worked well and flow from one room to the next. Her choice of wallpaper and tiles was great. She coordinated the tiles and wallpaper to make the bathrooms lovely. We are very happy with her choices. Tiffany worked well with the contractors and suppliers. We are very pleased with the end result and highly recommend Tiffany Hicks Design.


Tiffany helped me redesign a living room that just felt like we were camping out it. It needed curtains and a new couch and a more of pulled- together feel but it was tight for space and heavily used by young children so I didn't know where to begin. Tiffany spent a lot of time (before I had even committed to hiring her) to find out what I wanted and how the room would be used by my family. Throughout the process, she really listened to me and while she made suggestions, never pushed any decisions on me. I wanted a place that worked for a family (nothing that would be destroyed by young children); Tiffany has a child herself so understood what I needed. Also, I like a fairly subtle look -  nothing too showy and nothing too obviously 'designed' and Tiffany's suggestions fit right in. In fact, she took inspiration from my existing items; the cushions and wall art we ended up using were all fabrics and items I had tucked away in a closet that she had made up and reframed.


I can heartily recommend Tiffany Hicks's re-design of my kitchen. What was once a cramped, dark room became a bright, modern looking space; and she came in on budget!