This Manhattan kitchen is in a beautiful old building dating from the early 1920s; its last upgrade was probably somewhere in the 80’s and the original pipes for gas lighting still existed.

Although small, its footprint was ample enough to create a kitchen worthy of the client’s cooking and baking skills. With bespoke cabinetry stretching up to the ceiling, fitting shelving around old pipes that could not be removed and adding a pull-out pantry and a pull-out waste bin, storage is no longer a problem. The mix of brass and chrome hardware along with the stainless steel appliances adds warmth and interest, as does the varying pattern play in flooring, backsplash and countertops. Although there is quite a sizable window, natural light is limited, hence the decision to use warm, cheerful colors on the walls and an added dash of fun chevron print for the custom shade. While all lights - LED under cabinet and ceiling chandelier are on dimmer switches for a custom lighting effect, the ceiling light adds some sparkle and glamour to a space where cooking and creating family dishes are always in the works.

This kitchen now feels airy and contemporary while retaining a warmth and charm befitting the age and architecture of the building.

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