Living Room

A white slip covered shabby chic style sofa and ottoman give this Californian home a relaxed, comfortable feel while being spruced up with silk and silk velvet cushions. An antique lacquered chinese rice barrel doubles as a storage bin and side table. The sofa is flanked by a pair of early Deco jade standard lamps with cream silk shades which emit a soft warm light.  The colours in the oriental silk rug change from a dark red and deep blue-y green to a soft light brick and shimmering silver depending on the time of day and the light.

The oversized painting,  by Russian - American artist Anton Arkhipov, adds a fun, welcoming aspect and hints at a room not to be taken too seriously.


Living Room

A pair of 1940's french chairs are draped with sheepskins for added softness and casualness and sit either side of a vintage circular cocktail nesting table while the custom silk drapes are a rather decadent touch to the room.

Dining Room

In the dining room sits a burled walnut Art Deco table surrounded by chairs that have been upholstered in lipstick pink leather for a fun jolt and a modern approach. An original Art Deco light of glass and polished chrome hangs from the ceiling adding a touch of glamour.

Emerald green sheers by Designers Guild give privacy while allowing light through and adds a freshness to the space against the beach glass coloured walls.

The painting by New Orleans artist James Michalopoulos acts as a focal point in the room and invites one in.

In the foreground is a gilded cast iron victorian coat and umbrella stand that acts to delineate the entrance hall from the dining room.


The black leather Le Corbusier sofa sits in front of a vintage waterfall lemon wood desk, effectively creating a little office area. An Art Deco sconce salvaged from an old cinema adds ambient light to the area. The print behind the desk incorporated all the colours in the room, while the painting adjacent to it is by the same artist, Arkhipov.